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FCA Legal Funding provides you quick and easy cash if you are involved in an accident. The application takes just 5 minutes by providing us your information from our application tool. Our California lawsuit cash advance is very flexible and we offer a low interest rate to help you get your life back.

At FCA Legal Funding, we can assist those involved in a wide range of accidents, meaning we can offer California pre-settlement funding to those too injured to work who need help covering their expenses after almost any type of accident.  Our representatives will eagerly assist you regarding your situation and how we can help.

If you or anyone you know is injured or was involved in an accident and in need of money prior to settlement, call (310) 424-5176 or email us for help. Our contact representatives are available from 8:30am to 5:30pm to assist you and address your concerns.

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Being involved in an accident is quite frustrating as it can bring your life to a halt. In times like this, plaintiffs should be taken of. This is where FCA Legal Funding can help you get your life back where it was before your accident by providing a Los Angeles pre-settlement advance regardless of the type of accident you were in.
FCA Legal Funding is highly-experienced when it comes to personal injury claims, which is why we advise you to immediately contact us when you are involved in any type of accident. We are able to streamline the application process for the plaintiff’s benefit because it is in our best interest to help you recover quickly from these accidents, which is why it is very important for us to know which type of accident you were in. FCA Legal Funding will make sure to provide you with the best option for you to get back on solid financial ground.

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Legal funding is a process wherein plaintiffs or complainants can obtain a cash advance on their pending lawsuit settlement claims. Repayment to the lender usually happens when the plaintiff or complainant wins the case, and in most instances when the case is not won, then the plaintiff or complainant does not have to pay back the cash advance of the funding company.

FCA Legal Funding actually invests in the lawsuit settlement, which is why they confidentially require the complainant’s attorney to submit case documentation. The stronger the case, the higher the chances of being approved for investment.

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Getting the money you need before your case settles!

If you have been injured in an accident, and as a result you have incurred debt and exhausted your savings there is hope for you. FCA Legal Funding works with personal injury firms to help provide financial assistance to plaintiffs prior to settlement. California lawsuit funding is the process of providing money in the form of an advance to plaintiffs who have been injured and need money prior to settlement to pay for medical, legal, and other expenses. If you are a plaintiff and are unable to work or generate any income during your medical treatment or while your case progresses, you can obtain money in the form of a “cash advance” towards your lawsuit settlement. This is not a loan as there are no credit checks and no monthly fees.



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Fund Capital America provides lawsuit funding for injuries caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault. Whether you or someone you know was the driver or the passenger injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, Semi Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident, or hurt in a Pedestrian Accident, Premises Liability case, Slip and Fall, Dog Bite or even an accident resulting in a Wrongful Death, you may be able to get a lawsuit cash advance from FCA Legal Funding.

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