The California Legal Funding Process

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If you have been in an accident and have hired a personal injury attorney to protect your rights, you may be eligible to get a California lawsuit cash advance on your personal injury settlement. It is a straight-forward process, designed to quickly get you access to cash so your attorney doesn’t have to settle your case too early.

Regardless of where you are pursuing your claim: Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco, or anywhere in California, it is easy to get a personal injury cash advance from us.

Get cash in 3 simple steps


Los Angeles Lawsuit Cash Advance Repayment

  • Pay nothing out of your pocket— Unless you win your case or get a settlement amount, there is no obligation to pay us back.
  • You owe nothing if you don’t win your case.  Payment only comes out of the award or settlement amount.
  • Our share of the case’s potential award or settlement varies according to several factors.

Legal Funding Process in Lawsuit Settlements

The legal funding process is simple: the complainant would contact a legal funding company or firm for financial assistance for their lawsuit settlement case and the latter would then request detailed case documentation from the complainant’s attorney.  The entire process is paperless.

Once all the information is gathered, it is carefully reviewed by the funding firm to determine the viability of funding. Once approved, a drafted agreement is sent to the complainant and his attorney. During the process, the funds are sent to be used as needed by the applicant.

Term-Based Legal Funding on Your Terms

A case filed in court due to personal injury can entail a long and expensive legal process, and oftentimes complainants need financial assistance in the interim. The sustained damage can come with corresponding expenses like medical care expense and court process expenses, not to mention the everyday expenses that you normally incur and bills that need to be paid. Especially if your ability to work has been compromised, it can be more difficult to cover all your expenses alone.




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If you have been involved an accident that was not your fault and have hired a personal injury lawyer to fight for you rights, you may be eligible for an accident cash advance on your potential settlement. It is a simple process, designed to quickly give you access to cash NOW so you don’t have to force your personal injury attorney to settle the case early for pennies.

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