5 Things You Need for Legal Funding

Obtaining Pre-Settlement Funding in California It has often been said that getting a lawsuit cash advance is next to impossible. It may indeed appear difficult to recover funds in the wake of an accident in which you were injured, especially if you don't know what legal funding organizations like FCA Legal Funding look for. The primary [...]

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Legal Funding & Lawsuit Loans: 4 Key Differences

Legal Funding for all California Whether it’s the hefty fee charged by lawyers or the hours spent in the court, one thing remains: funding a lawsuit can be expensive. Many injured persons are unaware that they have a means at their disposal to obtain funding quickly while their case is worked out in court: legal [...]

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Pre-existing Conditions & Your Injury Claim

California's Premier Alternative to Lawsuit Loans Filing an injury claim after getting into an accident might make up for your medical expenses, but if you had any pre-existing medical condition or injury, it can affect your personal injury claim. Here is how a pre-existing medical condition can affect your claim. What is a pre-existing condition? [...]

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Lawsuit Cash Advances: What You Need to Know

Recovering from an accident can be costly, especially if you are unable to work. If your finances are currently unable to bear the expenses of a lawsuit, applying for a lawsuit cash advance is an available alternative. Since it is different from other types of financing such as a lawsuit loan, understanding its pros and [...]

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Common Car Accident Injuries & Their Treatment

California Pre-Settlement Funding 2.2 million car accidents occur every year, according to government statistics. With thousands of drivers regularly on the road, accidents are common and can occur on almost every day. With the progress in science and technology, we might one day develop completely safe automobiles, but until then it is best to know [...]

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The Risks of Lawsuit Loans

Pre-Settlement Funding for All California Be aware of the risks posed by lawsuit loans! A lawsuit loan gives you the necessary funds while you wait for your settlement to come to a conclusion. These are required for paying your expenses such as rent, mortgage, or even medical expenses if you encounter an accident. Also referred [...]

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3 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Injury Settlement

California Legal Funding FCA Legal Funding is the Alternative to Lawsuit Loans for Personal Injury If you just suffered an injury, you likely want to maximize the settlement that you would get from your insurance provider. Here are three steps to ensure you obtain the most compensation out of your injury settlement. Step 1 – [...]

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FCA Legal Funding Reduces Hassles & Time

If you were injured in an accident and need cash to pay rent, buy groceries, and cover medical expenses, the last thing they want is for their legal funding to get bogged down with time-consuming hassles like paperwork and poor logistics. FCA Legal Funding is set up to eliminate most of these roadblocks to getting [...]

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Pre-Settlement Funding Vs. Lawsuit Loans

Injured clients regularly spend many months and even years waiting to receive financial compensation through a personal injury claim. If they are too injured to go back to working, they may be at a loss as to how to cover their expenses. It could be possible to apply for disability, but even if they qualify [...]

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Alleviating Client Anxiety with Pre-Settlement Funding

Plaintiffs are often overwhelmed in the wake of being seriously injured and without any legal background, they are typically unsure what to do next. They may be shocked and dispirited when they learn that the average injury claim can take upwards of two years to be resolved. This realization can cause no little consternation over [...]

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