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If you have filed for a personal injury claim, have been awaiting settlement, and are in need of immediate cash to cover your personal needs, medical bills, and other expenses, a California lawsuit cash advance could be your best solution while you wait for your case to settle. In most cases, it takes several years for the personal injury suit to be determined and for compensation to be issued. This is because the insurance company has highly experienced lawyers who try their best to have your case dismissed or will want to pay you as little as possible.

These small payments are barely enough to pay for your medical expenses, let alone other damages such as pain, suffering and lost wages. Many claimants undergo a lot of financial stress during this period and are forced to accept the first settlement amount the insurance company offers. By helping you obtain a personal injury lawsuit funding against your case, you will be able to finance your daily expenses such as rent and food while affording your attorneys ample time to negotiate a higher settlement.

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Dedicated California Lawsuit Funding

At Fund Capital America, we offer a free, non-obligatory consultation to review your case. We discuss the nature of your case and your immediate financial needs with your lawyer so you can be assured that it is safe and reliable.

This is not an accident advance. Obtaining an accident advance, lawsuit advance, or any other advance requires a tedious process, like credit checks and income verification. Fund Capital America’s lawsuit funding and cash advance programs don’t require this. Likewise, our services are non-recourse, which means you don’t owe us anything should you lose the case or fail to obtain any settlement.

Our commitment to our clients is to ensure the advance is expedited as soon as possible, within the same day and thus we work closely with personal injury law firms to provide you with the maximum support you need.

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Fund Capital America provides lawsuit funding for injuries caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault. Whether you or someone you know was the driver or the passenger injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, Semi Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident, or hurt in a Pedestrian Accident, Premises Liability case, Slip and Fall, Dog Bite or even an accident resulting in a Wrongful Death, you may be able to get a lawsuit cash advance from FCA Legal Funding.

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