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FCA Legal Funding Reduces Hassles & Time

If you were injured in an accident and need cash to pay rent, buy groceries, and cover medical expenses, the last thing they want is for their legal funding to get bogged down with time-consuming hassles like paperwork and poor logistics. FCA Legal Funding is set up to eliminate most of these roadblocks to getting [...]

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Pre-Settlement Funding Vs. Lawsuit Loans

Injured clients regularly spend many months and even years waiting to receive financial compensation through a personal injury claim. If they are too injured to go back to working, they may be at a loss as to how to cover their expenses. It could be possible to apply for disability, but even if they qualify [...]

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Alleviating Client Anxiety with Pre-Settlement Funding

Plaintiffs are often overwhelmed in the wake of being seriously injured and without any legal background, they are typically unsure what to do next. They may be shocked and dispirited when they learn that the average injury claim can take upwards of two years to be resolved. This realization can cause no little consternation over [...]

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Knowing How Much Settlement Funding Your Client Needs

If you practice personal injury litigation, you may face this situation often: your client and their family live paycheck to paycheck and they were just in a major accident that left them seriously injured. They are unable to go back to work, meaning it’s anyone’s best guess as to how they will pay their bills [...]

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You Were in an Accident—What Now?

Being seriously injured in an accident of any kind can be life-altering. You could be left struggling to fully recover for years, if full recovery is even a possibility. All this worry can be a severe strain on your emotions and your family as you wrestle with how to move forward with your life. While [...]

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Getting Surgery & Your Injury Claim

In the wake of a serious accident, it is quite common to be unsure as to how best to proceed, especially given the likelihood of filing a personal injury lawsuit. If your injuries include scarring and disfigurement, you may be inclined to pursue surgery to correct the physical harm done to you. A highly significant [...]

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Simplifying the Lawsuit Funding Process

Anyone who has been seriously injured in an accident knows the last thing they want is to have precious time taken up with needless steps involving paperwork and logistical issues. All this wasted time can make injured persons increasingly desperate to settle their case, typically for less than a fair amount of compensation. Having documents [...]

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Settlement Funding 101

When it comes to settlement funding in California, many are unaware or confused as to exactly what this means. People ought to be aware of the resources they have in the event that they are injured in some type of accident including settlement funding. What is Pre-Settlement Funding? While nobody expects to be seriously hurt [...]

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