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What if I lose the case?

If you lose the case, we lose it too as your equity partners. There is nothing you owe us at the end.

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How long will it take to get the personal injury cash advance?

Once you fill out the application, our underwriters will review your case and ask your attorney for case information. As soon as we get the necessary information, the funds will be handed over to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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Are there any upfront or initial cost involved that i’ll have to pay out of my pocket?

No. You don’t have to pay us a single dollar until the case is resolved and you get a settlement.

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How much funding do you provide?

You can get any amount of funding, starting from $500. There is no maximum limit on the accident cash advance. The amount depends on the type of case and the expected settlement you are eligible to get. The funding we provide does not exceed the amount of settlement you are expected to receive.

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Is this a advance that I will have to pay in any case?

No. As this is not a advance, we only seek repayment if you win the settlement since we operate on equity partnership basis. If you lose the settlement, you owe us nothing. Whether the case settles in days or in years, you only have to pay us when the case is settled, and if you [...]

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What type of cases do you handle?

We provide funding to almost all plaintiffs going through personal injury settlements lawsuits that have been caused by other party’s negligence. For more information, visit the “Types of Accident” page on our site or fill out the application from to see if you are eligible for a personal injury cash advance payment. General Cases: [...]

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Will you consider my credit history?

No. Unlike advances from banks and other financial institutions, we don’t provide lawsuit funding or cash advance on the basis of your credit worthiness. We simply assess your legal case and decide whether you are eligible or not.

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What is Lawsuite Funding

Lawsuit funding (also known as lawsuit cash advance) is an advance payment provided to those who are about to enter in, or are already dealing with a lawsuit settlement case. FCA Legal Funding provides cash advance before settlement to help plaintiffs with their legal and other ongoing expenses. This ensures that they don’t settle for anything [...]

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