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How does FCA Legal Funding handle fees?

FCA Legal Funding is a premier California lawsuit cash advance specialist. We are highly experienced when it comes to the personal injury industry, meaning our Financial Relied Program provides needed financial help to both plaintiffs and law firm to cover the plaintiff’s everyday expenses until their case settles or reaches a verdict.

Our Financial Relied Program offers some of the most best terms in the industry of lawsuit funding, making FCA Legal Funding your #1 choice for pre-settlement funding in California against your pending settlement.

We don’t require you to have good credit, or any credit at all.  We base your legal funding instead on your case’s potential based on your application, unlike a lawsuit loan.

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FCA Legal Funding provides funding for Accidental Injury, Civil Rights, Construction Negligence, FELA (Railroad), General Negligence, Jones Act (Maritime), Motor Vehicle and , Passenger Injury, Pedestrian Injury, Premises Negligence (Slip and Fall), Workplace Negligence and Wrongful Death

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