Pre-Settlement Funding in California

 How Our Fees Work

FCA Legal Funding is California’s leading personal injury plaintiff lawsuit funding specialists. Our years of experience within the personal injury industry has led us to develop a Financial Relied Program that assists both the plaintiff and the aw firm in obtaining the funds to cover the plaintiff’s everyday expenses until their case settles.

Our program features some of the most aggressive and friendliest terms in the industry, making FCA Legal Funding your #1 choice for a lawsuit advance against your pending settlement.  Call us right away or fill out a form and you could receive legal funding within 48 hours!

If you lose, you owe nothing!

A Better Option than Accident Advance

Bills to pay? A lawsuit cash advance could be the answer.  Call today!

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What Makes California Pre-Settlement Funding Unique

  • No Win, No Repayment
    • If you lose, you owe us nothing!
  • No Interest & No Fees
    • We charge neither simple nor compounding interest rates, origination, underwriting or case monitoring fees that other settlement advance companies may. Instead, we have a straight-forward term based payback schedule which is honest, fair, and always easy to understand.  Our share of the potential case proceeds varies according to several factors.
  • You Pay Nothing out of Pocket
    • Our payback comes out of the settlement amount directly from your law firm.
  • Paperless Process
    • We gather all of the case related information from your attorney before sending you an offer which you are not obligated to take.  Your contract can even be signed online.  On the other hand, if you prefer, we can do things the traditional way as well through fax and mail!
  • Same Day Funding
    • Once your cash advance has been approved, you and your attorney will be notified that your contract is being sent out.  After all parties sign and acknowledge the advance agreement and terms, you will receive your money, typically the same day.
  • Term Based Paybacks
    • Our simple Term Based Payback schedule makes it easy when it comes to timing when to get a cash advance. Our unique cash advance investment method allows the law firms and their clients full control, transparency, and foresight in planning a final settlement recovery while keeping the client above water throughout the process.



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Fund Capital America provides lawsuit funding for injuries caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault. Whether you or someone you know was the driver or the passenger injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, Semi Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident, or hurt in a Pedestrian Accident, Premises Liability case, Slip and Fall, Dog Bite or even an accident resulting in a Wrongful Death, you may be able to get a lawsuit cash advance from FCA Legal Funding.

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